Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows on this planet

[Update 5/13]There are lots of Skype recorder software that have been designed in a way that they are able to offer a reliable utility which makes it so easy to make recordings that are of a very high quality and on windows. This kind of software also allows the Skype users to actually save and also manage the video messages and Skype voicemails in a very easy way. It is advisable to have such a Skype add-on for business or for personal use. Some of the software is able to offer free trials for a limited period of time.


What you can be able to do

Having software which can record high quality audio calls as well as Skype videos is a very great thing for all users. This is because you are in a position to record your video calls and screen shares very smoothly and in the most professional manner. These can be stored in different formats including AVI files which are XVID codec supported.

TalkHelper gets your Skype calls recorded

talkhelper call recorder for Skype

Skype call recorder on Windows such as TalkHelper is one of the most amazing Skype recorders that you can use. Unlike most of the other recorders that are screen savers and don’t do much, this is a software that actually records within Skype. This ensures that each and every video frame is captured and then saved during the video call. It doesn’t matter the kind of window the video is in, whether it is a floating window, a full screen or a normal window.

  • The Skype calls that are in audio form can be saved in WAV or MP3 format with a mono or stereo option supported. It also comes with a very high quality HD recording which is very perfect for different video interviews and podcasts with Skype. All the video and audio calls that are recorded can be saved in a very easy way. Usually, the messages are saved within the media files on the local disk. You can therefore be able to playback and review them using media player at any given time.
  • The best Skype recorder should be able to support even the very latest Skype version.It also needs to be high in stability and very easy to use.
  • The voicemail downloading and Skype call recording functions are auto enabled so all that is needed is to keep the software running when you start to Skype. The talk helper will automatically detect and make the recording regardless of whether it is an outgoing or an incoming call. It can also cover the conference call whether the video is enabled or not.  You can also be able to resume or pause a call recording by just a single click. This makes the entire process so simple and straight forward.

Most of the people who have tried this software claim that it actually works really well. The quality of the recordings is great and this means a lot of good things for individuals as well as businesses.


AthTek Skype Call Recorder


This is yet amazing software that the Skype users can apply in recording their video or audio calls or messages. This is software that is in a good position to give users the highest quality Skype calls recording kind of services. It is software that can be run on windows 8, 7 vista and XP. It can also serve as your answering machine that is automatic. It also comes with advanced settings which enable parental control. Many users have chosen it as one of the best recorders of all time.

If you are a Skype user looking for a very high quality recorder for all your calls, then this is the correct software for all your needs. This is a recorder which has a very clean interface which is able to integrate the video and audio recording features all within one single program. When you start Skype, this software will automatically launch with it. The best part is that it can record some amazing audios which can be in different formats including FLAC, OGG, WMA and MP3.

The Skype call recorded software can also be made invisible from the screen where you use a hidden mode. There is no need to make any settings changes on your Skype as the program is designed to do all this automatically just for you.

Update: This is also ideal software for the various businesses we have around. It can make the customer service within call centers, even more enhanced. In the case of the business call centers, then it is a recommendation to have a license. When authorized for your computer, Skype calls are recorded for any future referencing that may be needed. It can also assist in the recording, saving and storage of any conference call.

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