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Sunshine poster


Action Sci-Fi movie "Sunshine" is set in the year 2057. Over the years, Sun, without which life on Earth will stop wasting away and soon turns into a red giant, and then goes off. But humankind continues to fight hard for survival. The last hope for the preservation of life on the planet is a space mission astronauts to deliver a nuclear bomb blast from the Sun which shone again faster and come back to life. On a spaceship "Icarus 2 ″ sent a team of astronauts to the rescue.

Going to mercury, the crew catches a distress signal from the missing ship several years ago "Icarus 1", which was sent to the Sun with the same mission. After a successful docking with the ship encountered a severe accident occurs, and Inferno forever the lives of several members of the crew "Icarus 2 ″. Now astronauts forced to fight for their lives, as well as to bring the Mission up to the end, for the sake of future life of mankind on Earth.

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