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The Day After Tomorrow poster

The Day After Tomorrow

In the plot of a science-fiction thriller "The Day After Tomorrow" we can see a little bit of a fictitious, but it is the real story of self-destruction of the Earth. It is no secret that the climate on our planet is changing rapidly, which entails various hazards.

So scientist-climatologist Jack Hall, detects rapid and very disappointing, but rather change global climate catastrophe, which develops at great speed. In different parts of the world occur creepy disaster as tsunami, huge hailstones, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Without support from the authorities and any action, Jack sets out to find his son in the tsunami flooded New York. But it still flooring woes. Meanwhile, in the Big Apple is rapidly falling temperature, creating instant freezing. So the city from the water is transformed into glaciers. Son Jack, Sam, together with his friends, tries to escape by any means, but whether they dozhdutsja the day after tomorrow? It is unknown.

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