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High-Rise poster


Young, successful doctor Robert Laing moved to live in new luxurious high-rise building, designed by architect Anthony Rojjalom. The High-Rise building has everything necessary for a comfortable life of the people inside the House. There is a supermarket, a sports club, terraces and gardens, school for children and all necessary services, so there is almost no tenants needs to go out. Having a decent financial condition, Dr. Lang lodges at the twenty-fifth floor, which makes it a tenant.

True Robert soon discovers that the skyscraper has a clear division into classes. On the upper floors of the rich elite live, which is completely isolated themselves from society, then there goes the middle class, while the lower floors are occupied by the not-so-good representatives of society that gives rise to envy, aggression and hostility, as tenants of the lower floors want move to the upper floors to have a luxurious life. Robert becomes a neutral observer of life in the high-rise, which is a living organism. But familiarity with various neighbours are increasingly driving it in strange and frightening events.

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