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Parkland poster


Since the assassination of John f. Kennedy half a century has passed, but people never cease to wonder, what is the cause of this murder and who was involved in to it. The film gives the viewer a chance to look at a version of those events. The plot revolves around a group of most ordinary citizens, suddenly found themselves in an unusual situation, and people associated with the President and his killer.

Among them are representatives of different organizations: the young doctors and nurses working in a hospital in Parkljend, and the Chief of the secret intelligence services in Dallas, and the operator, depicting unique frames, as well as FBI agents, where Lee Harvey Oswald visited shortly before the fatal shots, and many others. How all of these people were involved in a sensational story? Probably, the exact answer to this question, we will never know never, but this version is no worse than other artistic works, interpreting the events of the autumn of the year 1963.

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